Wood-Burning Options

No More Heat Going Up the Chimney

Fireplaces, inserts and hearth stoves are highly effective ways to convert an existing masonry or steel shell fireplace into something more sufficient. Both systems are highly efficient (70%), meet EPA emission requirements and turn the old fireplace into a decorative, functional system. However, both systems also require the installation of a stainless steel liner from the top of the chimney to the flue collar of the stove.

Wood Fireplaces

A traditional manufactured fireplace utilizing wood as a fuel source. Knowing the type of fireplace you have or want is paramount to getting the right products.

Wood Inserts

Fireplaces inserts are equipped with airtight, attractive glass fronts which give a full view of the fire. Burning for 7 to 9 hours on a full load of fuel, they produce significant amounts of heat and are perfect for heating the house in the event of a power outage.

Wood Stoves

Highly efficient and environmentally responsible, wood stoves allow you to rely on your own source of heat. They are made to keep your home cozy for 8 to 10 hours without the need to refuel, and a properly sized wood stove with dry fuel will supplement between 70-90% of your current heating bill.

Wood- and Coal-Burning Furnaces

Add-on wood burning furnaces are often chosen by those wishing to minimize propane, oil or electric expenses. Their large firebox capacities help produce a significant amount of heat which is then evenly transferred throughout the home. Automated controls allow for ease of access, and the multi-purpose design makes operation extremely convenient.

Rumford Wood Fireplaces

Tall and shallow fireplaces that reflect more heat while carrying away smoke with little loss of heated room air. Appreciated for their tall classic elegance and heating efficiency.

Custom Wood Fireplaces

The Hearth Shop and The Chimney and Masonry Company work together to design the fireplace of your dreams indoors or out, wood burning or gas, with any finish you can imagine.